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  • Rebecca Alm

We know, you always want more Middle Earth, So we’re bringing it!

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

Here in our corner of the world, we are bringing the underground town of Hobbiton to life, in her sister town of Tibbleburrow.

We are miles away from putting designs into practice, but I know you, I know you want to dive into this wonderful new aspect of Middle Earth and create a snapshot to share with the rest of us. Like me, you hear a piece of Tolkien’s story, take a detour into the hole, and want to explore what’s back there. I want you to do just that. Take a house, a theme, sit down and tell us a story about it, or draw it out. Show us what you see, where is it in town, what the walls look like, whether the sleeping area is different, their job, tools, crafts, and memories.

The scope of Tibbleburrow’s Shire Retreat is only our imaginations, and I’m betting your imagination is just as ready to see it as we are.

We are also looking for artists and craftsmen to help tell the story as we begin this adventure. Using sketch artistry to bring the rest of our friends along with us on the journey. Until we begin building and are able to photograph and video the process, we want to bring you to the table with sketches and paintings. So, if you want to be involved in the design stages, submit your work, and we will get you registered. You retain the Copywrite to your work, along with TSR, if we use it.

Tolkien himself drew and painted his thoughts, and as simple as they were they still gave inspiration to the movie team to recreate it,

J.R.R Tolkien’s Sketch of Bagend’s door

Artists rendering of Bagend

Digital rendering of Bagend

The digital rendering adds more life to Tolkien’s initial vision.

See how the simplest of drawings can lead to reality. When we bring our collective imaginations to the table, our makers and builders can help bring them to life.

This is the adventure I want to enlist you in. The collaborative creation of this beautiful and unique place. Where we all can put our fingers in and help it grow. I’m quite sure it will never be done because there will be a constant evolution, of technology and new artistry being brought in. Plants grow and rivers move, and we move right along with it. Adjusting our perspective to see new possibilities and appreciate the traditions that brought us here.

Tibbleburrow will strive to bring us closer to the earth and what makes her healthy and bountiful. In doing that, we help each other grow more into the selves we want to be.

We invite you to register for our email list at the bottom of each page on our Website.

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Ask questions, start conversations, and please don't be shy about sharing this with those you know will want to know that we are building Hobbiton.

Your excitement will be the key to this becoming real!

This will be a family-friendly destination, safe from the crowded floors of hotels, and much more affordable than taking a trip to the movie set tour.

Our goal is to make it more real than the movie set because, well, it will be!

Real time to spend in the gardens,

Real memories you give and receive,

Real homes to spend the precious night's sleep in.

If every Tolkien Fan Gave $10 towards this project,

we could fund, build, and staff it in record time.

What will you do to bring it to life?

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