A Business Built
YOU in mind

It is not merely enough to build a tourist attraction. I would never have picked up the gauntlet if that was the only goal. Every venture I have undertaken has been to bring joy and security to my clients.


So as I've thought about what I want Tibbleburough to look like, I've asked myself, "How can we make this better - easier to sustain? How can we keep the cost of running down? Is it possible to do it all ourselves?"


The answer is always YOU. In order to create a better experience for you and affordable prices for you, I need YOU! I have seen the creative people in my own life make things for others because they wanted to. They were touched by someone's life and wanted to give back. Because of the sheer number of fans, everyone, from the gal who's only watched it once to the one who has already created the films we love, we have the numbers to spread out the cost and give everyone a chance to be involved.


Six hundred thousand people visit the movie set each year, and each of those lucky people leaves with a sense of wonder and joy. That is why I am building this from the ground up - to bring that feeling home. Even for a short while, the reality of living in with the Halflings fuels the soul and rekindles the spark in our hearts.


I hope this sparks something in you! Scroll down to see our visions for eco-living and supporting the arts and our community at Tibbleburrow.


Wind Generator


In Floor Heating


Sculpted Earthen



Eco Living

   Tolkien was on to something all those years back when he had the hobbits live underground. It turns out to be a very efficient way to live in harmony with nature, especially with wide swings in seasonal weather. The geothermal insulation of the earth evens out the temperature, making it easier to maintain a constant comfort zone.


Incorporating the best energy-efficient technology of today brings us closer to a sustainable, neutral footprint. The best techniques of the self-sufficient living of the past can also show us that sometimes we don't need to re-invent the wheel.


We plan to utilize wind and solar energy sources, constantly reevaluating new ways to use the world we have to build the comfort we desire. The gardens and flowerbeds stay healthy without anything harmful by using grey water recycling. Our site is where you can see and feel how sustainable living can work.

Other possibilities include smart home technology, in-floor heating, and natural pool filtration.


Grey Water


2020-10-31 09.21.14.jpg
2020-10-31 09.21.22.jpg

Solar Flowers

track the sun and put themselves to bed at night or in incliment weather

In Ground Produce Cooler

using the ground's natural insulating features to keep food cool and dry without electricity.


Smart Home Tracking 

Wiring the homes with new smart home technology from the beginning, we will manage our facility and utilities better by tracking occupancy, safety, air quality, temperature, fireplace usage, etc.


All Natural Pool Filtration

allows us to swim in harmony with the wildlife and keep the water crystal clear. An added bonus, in the winter it freezes more solidly than an unmaintained pond, so ice skating is possible as the ice is thicker.


Showcasing the thermal insulating
properties of underground living

Look Familiar?
We hope to partner with these two forward-thinking companies to make this happen!
Monolithic Domes
Green Magic Homes
Working with students,
we may develop an entirely new way to build efficient and flexible underground homes.

    Rebuilding relationships and small businesses
broken by the recent hardships

The baker who brought in fresh bakery every morning to supplement his income.
The farmer able to bring in handcrafted cheeses. 
The part-time gardeners, arborists, livestock caregivers, hospitality staff.
All finding a friend and a living with Tibbleburrow.

Creating a family of services to bring you a more authentic experience. 

2020-02-15 00.57.26.jpg

We want to create a place for local artisans to do what they love and bring their visions to life by providing a forum for their work to be seen and used in an everyday setting.


We will allow the guests to use and enjoy furniture, decor, and art designed by local creators, allowing them to purchase the pieces at the end of the stay.


The artists will then be paid for their work and have the opportunity to resubmit the same work or something completely new.


We are giving back to the community by creating a cycle of prosperity and enrichment.

2021-11-10 13.59.53.jpg

Supporting The Arts

2021-12-12 22.42.18.jpg

  This town will have many themes and styles, which means no two places will be the same. The homes are filled with a menagerie of items: everyday things like blankets and rugs, pottery and silverware, coat hangers, and side tables, as well as artwork for the walls and shelves, flower arrangements, sculptures, jewelry, vases, tools, fake food, hanging crops, and herbs.


We will have an Art Shop where artisans can submit their creations to be used to help the town come to life.

Filling the Themes

Another Craft

  Craft is not solely the providence of the arts; many use the outside world as their playground through gardening or landscaping.

We will be looking for these crafters as well when the time comes to keep the property in a magical splendor.



2021-08-13 20.02.04.jpg

When the building is underway, and even after its completion, we will host workshops by artists and craftsmen alike to encourage building new skills and help build some things needed for the site.
These workshops will let you contribute to the build, get to know our friends, and give you a sneak peek before we are open.

After we open, workshops will shift to crafts like landscape painting and pottery, open to guests and locals alike.

2021-04-19 01.08.26.jpg

The Arts are essential to our lives and to this place. That is why we're making every effort to support the creative parts of each of us and inspire others to pick up the skills.