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The Tibbleburrow Mythos

Welcome to the Tibbleburrow Mythos page, a haven for all lovers of storytelling and artistry! Here, we embark on a journey exploring the enchanting world of Tibbleburrow, where creators and fans come together to share their own captivating tales and mesmerizing artwork.


Delve into the blog links that await you and explore the spotlight pieces featured on this page. You'll find an ever-growing collection of stories that whisk you away to this fantastical landscape, introduce you to intriguing characters, and unravel the mysteries within Tibbleburrow's borders.

So, immerse yourself in the stories, marvel at the artwork, and let your imagination roam free. We can't wait to witness the magic you bring to our Mythos page.

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A time long past, in the Tilden Veil, a mystical village thrived. It was said to be a place of untold beauty, where nature and magic intertwined in perfect harmony. However, there was a peculiar shroud around Tibbleburrow, rendering it invisible to the eyes of all who sought it.

Long ago, a wanderer found himself in need of a refuge. This blue-clad traveler carried a small Obsidian orb in a leather wrap, set into his walking stick, which was carved with many symbols and markings. Elordin was his name, and the people thought he was a special kind of odd. He stayed for months with the people of Tibbleburrow and spent hours each day, just holding his leather pouch and muttering to himself... in the forest, on the hillside, wading in the lake.

Elordin became more and more agitated as the weeks went by. He knew he had to leave soon; the decision had been made, but he feared for this village and wanted to protect it from the devastation he knew could come soon. Without telling the people, he put them all to sleep and hid the town and surrounding area away from possible calamity. Promising to restore his meddling when it was safe. This spell upon Tibbleburrow concealed it from the prying eyes of outsiders. This enchantment was meant to protect the village's peace and tranquility, ensuring that only those who truly sought its solace and wisdom could find their way. The resident woke to a changed place. Cliffs and waterfalls had sprung up, protecting and providing them with all they needed. They became a self-sufficient village, not needing to travel for supplies and, for some reason, not desiring to travel either.  The outside world had a fog around it and passed it by. So they were content to stay in Tibble, and cultivate a perfect afternoon.
As the years passed, thoughts of a long-lost town spread far and wide, attracting adventurers, scholars, and wanderers from all corners of the land.

But the enchantment held strong, guarding Tibbleburrow's secret location. Many tried to find the village, drawn by the tales of its splendor, but all their efforts were in vain. The enchantment not only made the village invisible but also obscured its true whereabouts, leading travelers astray and confusing even the most skilled navigators.

Legends spoke of brave souls who ventured into the wilderness, guided by their unwavering determination to discover it. Some trekked through dense forests, others climbed treacherous mountains, and a few sailed across vast seas, all in search of the hidden sanctuary. Yet, despite their best efforts, they could not catch even a glimpse of the village.

The reason behind Tibbleburrow's invisibility lay in the enchantment's essence. It was not just a mere veil, but a reflection of the village's own energy and purpose. Tibbleburrow was a place meant to be found by those who sought not just its beauty but its wisdom, its serenity, and its genuine connection to the natural world.

The enchantment acted as a guardian, ensuring that those who arrived at Tibbleburrow's doorstep had a genuine heart, a sincere desire to embrace the village's spirit and become part of its magical tapestry. It was not a place to be stumbled upon accidentally or sought out of mere curiosity.

To this day, Tibbleburrow remains hidden from view, a sanctuary of peace and wonder that can only be discovered by those who possess the deepest reverence for its existence. Its enchantment weaves a veil of secrecy, protecting the village from the chaos and corruption that often plagues the world beyond its borders.

And so, the story of Tibbleburrow lives on, whispered among the people, a tale of a hidden paradise where nature's beauty and magic converge, forever invisible to those who seek it for the wrong reasons and forever open to those whose hearts are pure and true.
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