Our Vision
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Your Piece of the Shire
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Tibbleburrow's Bed & "Second Breakfast"

When you read about the "peace and quiet and good-tilled earth" of the Shire, do you find yourself wishing you could go there? Us too! Just up the river to the north lies Hobbiton's sister town of Tibbleburrow. Another of the small villages in the Shire of Middle Earth. 

That is what we want to create: a fully functional town, where you will be welcomed with open arms and a pint of ale! Underground dwellings, gardens, a lake, paths through the woods, and more pastoral and fantastical settings will be yours to explore at Tibbleburrow.

We want to design a village of unique halfling holes inspired by our favorite merry folk. Explore the collection of books and oddities found in each home or relax amongst the plants and flower gardens that surround the Gaffer's dwelling.

While the townspeople are away on Holiday, their homes will be open to you! Spend some time among the round doors, rolling farmland, and cobblestone paths that have captured your imagination for years. Bring your family and friends to share in a bit of fun.

The Eatery and Pub

Enjoy a pint and a hot meal at our favorite pub, The Merry Mushroom! Our guests are kept in fine fettle, with food grown in the gardens and fruit from the orchard to whip up delicious snacks and desserts. The brew master has cooked up some hearty ale just for you and loves to bring in specialty brews for the seasons.
Catering our special events and bringing the old Shire recipes to life warms the heart with the love we bring to this beautiful area.


Event Hosting

Have an anniversary, birthday, or even a wedding to celebrate?

The Party Tree fields are nestled next to the water, with lights hung, streamers raised, and flowers staged for your grand celebration. Enjoy catered desserts, tea, and ale at the guests of honor sit at the old oak table beneath the tree. If weather turns foul, we have a Party Tent ready to keep the festivities alive!

When not reserved, these lovely fields are open to all our guests for picnics and smaller affairs.

Walk the gardens
  Feel the earth
     Smell the breeze

Holiday Events

National holidays bring an opportunity for truly one-of-a-kind celebrations at Halfling Stay WI.

On Arbor Day, we spotlight tree ecology, and guests leave with a baby Ent to plant and nurture.

On Earth Day, the eco-friendly features of our town are on display, from the solar flowers and kinetic wind sculptures to the integration of gray water recycling and the geothermal insulating properties of the underground homes.

The Solstice and Equinox bring a time to celebrate each of the unique seasons we experience throughout the year in Wisconsin.

Scavenger Hunt

There will be Lord of the Rings themed treasures hidden all around town! See how many you can find.

You may find a certain sentient plant with a limited vocabulary hiding in the flowers, or a white owl delivering a scroll, or Sam's beloved spice box misplaced among the gardens.

Keep an eye out for these easter eggs on your morning stroll, or send the kids out for a hunt while you have a rest.

They will have to look far and wide, big and small. If you have trained them right concerning hobbits and the oddities of Middle Earth, they might even be able to tell you where they are all from!

Indoors or out,
   let the warm hearth       
         melt tension away

Wandering Animals

What would a pastoral Shire life be without our favorite furry friends?

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Special  Entertainment

Come listen to the tales and songs of companions as a troop of singers bring some music and gaiety to the afternoon.
Even our guests are welcome to bring
their talents to the floor!

Bill the Pony

It would be truly a missed opportunity if we left out our working concierge, Bill, helping you get to and from your home!

We hope to partner with local sanctuaries and farms to bring in our Bill and hopefully a friend or two.

Tortoise Sanctuary

We have an opportunity here to provide a home for a special breed of animal. The typical household pet is brought in as a baby. But sadly, some families are not equipped to handle the pets as they get bigger and older. This is more often the case with Sulcata Tortoises.

They may seem simple, but they can get to be the size of a coffee table, and they will outlive you and your children if cared for properly. Yet when the time comes for rehoming, not everyone can take in a 90 pound tortoise!

We can create the ideal place for tortoises to be loved and cared for in Tibbleburrow.