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The Fandoms Are Strong Here, Gotta Find Them All -feature elaboration

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

As you walk around the grounds you see the gardens, the view, the peace, but don't miss all the other treats hidden around you. The entire grounds, host a geeky scavenger hunt, see how many things you can find!

The idea of an easter egg hunt for Hobbiton Stay's grounds is the doing of my 13 year old son. When I told him about Tibbleburrow for the first time, I didn't get 5 min in before he stopped me cold, to tell me the idea that just came to him. Hide little things around the property and see how many the guests can find them.

Big things, like a certain sentient plant with a limited vocabulary hiding in the flowers, a ragged old owl holding a remebral, a firefly that should be way out in the verse somewhere.

He rattled off just a ton of possibilities without even blinking. It is a great thing! As you relax, the kids can go hunting, and they are going to have to look far and wide, big and small. If you have trained them right, they might even be able to tell you where they are all from. You know, all good geek parents educate their kids in the geek universe.

So what would you see on the list? Write it in the comments below.

You can also send in your clever ideas, to keep them a secret. If we have to much fun discussing it here it might break the magic when we open.

No real order to this list!

Tolkien- The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Middle Earth

Harry Potter

Star Trek

Star Wars

Doctor Who - Torchwood


Stan Lee

Marvel Comics

DC Comics


Indiana Jones

The Hunger Games

Jurassic Park

The Mortal Instruments

Game of Thrones

Dungeons & Dragons


Avatar the Last Airbender

Percy Jackson









Time turner Harry Potter

Blue Avatar

Eragon - The Inheritance Cycle

Robin Hood


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Umbrella academy

The Simpsons


Ready Player One


Put your Favorite fandoms symbol in the comments. Rohan, or Ronan, Dumbledore, or Merlin, share a clever way to hide it in our Middle Earth. Your favorite Author, character, Game, we are the possibilities!

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Ask questions, start conversations, and please don't be shy about sharing this with those you know will want to know that we are building Hobbiton.

Your excitement will be the key to this becoming real!

This will be a family-friendly destination, safe from the crowded floors of hotels, and much more affordable than taking a trip to the movie set tour.

Our goal is to make it more real than the movie set because, well, it will be!

Real time to spend in the gardens,

Real memories you give and receive,

Real homes to spend the precious night's sleep in.

If every Tolkien Fan Gave $10 towards this project,

we could fund, build, and staff it in record time.

What will you do to bring it to life?

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