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A new destination
is in the works!

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Like the Shire is for the Halflings, Wisconsin is our haven.

Its glacier-sculpted hills, valleys, and lakes 

                        create a picturesque family destination.

Discover how you can help bring the magic of Middle-earth to life!

The Experience

At Tibbleburrow, cozy up in the comfort of your very own hobbit hole, graciously offered to you while

the Shirefolk are away.

Getting married or marking an anniversary? Celebrate your love

under the Party Tree while your guests enjoy an exclusive brew at the pub.

Explore the grounds, wander the woods, and seek out the good living we easily miss in our all-too-hectic lives.


Behind the Magic

Our behind-the-scenes work is just as important as the experience we hope to provide.


We aim to bring a support structure

to the artisan community, help rebuild small businesses that were closed by the pandemic, celebrate individuality and whimsy, and inspire eco-living to foster a bond with the natural world.


We're more than a weekend getaway; we're a community you can be proud to support.

Why Wisconsin?

Beloved professor and author J.R.R. Tolkien created masterpieces while looking out the window of his own property at the pastoral life surrounding him. We are blessed to find the same surreal scenery in the rolling hills of Wisconsin. We pride ourselves on Wisconsin's natural diversity, celebrating a love of the outdoors. Families have flocked here for generations, in part because of Wisconsin's central location, making it convenient and cost-effective to bring the family from anywhere.

Where will Tibbleburrow be?
What are the eco-friendly features planned?  (Coming soon!)

What are the community gardens?

The look and feel we want.

Visit the Blog

~ Read more about  the ideas and features.
  ~ Keep up to date on our progress.
    ~ Find more links to those involved or we hope to snag.
       ~ Join the conversation.

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Bookmark the Blog  and stay up to date about:
~ Meetings you can attend, live or online.
~ Workshops being held through our Facebook events pages.

Bring your
business savvy
and your

Get to know who we are

and how we got here.

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