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How can YOU help make this happen?

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Spread the Word: Share our website and social media pages with your friends and family who love fantasy, nature, and unique getaways.

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Share your ideas! Do you have creative suggestions for what the houses will look like,  an activity, or features that would enhance the Shire? We'd love to hear them!

Take part in contests! Participate in polls or contests to suggest whimsical names for key landmarks within Tibbleburrow Shire Retreats.

Sign Up for Our Newsletter: Stay up-to-date on our progress, receive exclusive offers, and be the first to know when reservations open!

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Volunteer your time! As we get closer to opening, there may be volunteer opportunities available for those who want to contribute their skills and enthusiasm.

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Attend Our Events: We'll be hosting events to connect with the community. Stay tuned for announcements!

Become an investor! For those who believe in our vision, explore potential investment opportunities to directly contribute to Tibbleburrow's creation. 

Believe in the Magic: Your enthusiasm and support are what keep us going! Spread the joy of Tibbleburrow and help us create a place where fantasy and reality collide.

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Your skills and donations are just as important to us. Whether it be in a physical item or an online presence who is pushing our content out to the public. We will be making a big deal about you, and your skills too.

We are here to celebrate you too!

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Join the conversation
We want your ideas! We can't wait to hear from you!

Submission guidelines are coming.

But we are interested now! Send your ideas right away.

Thanks for Joining Us!

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Add in the notes if you want to be notified of specific needs we have.

Artists - If we have an idea for a sketch or watercolor? We will send out the herald.
Add your Instagram or Etsy so we can see your work. 
We would love to use actual artists vs other forms of imagery.

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