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How can YOU make this happen?

No, really! Get in on this!!

     Tibbleburrow is a true community project, with involvement from

our local Wisconsin communities and the entire global Tolkien community.

Everything is being discussed openly.

  ~ Whose idea is this?   
~ Where is it going to be?   
~ Can I contribute a painting?   
~ Do you have room for an old plum tree?  I'm looking to donate.

We have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to recreate one of the most cherished towns in literary history. Through ideas, conversations, talents, and financial support, we can all be part of the most collaborative project ever seen!

    A huge piece of this project is the support we want to give to our artisan community. Both local and Tolkien-inspired artisans are encouraged to pick up their paintbrushes, clay, chisels, knitting needles, and so on and on, and start indulging your desire to slip into our Shire. Use your talent to create anything for this project. In this time of mass-produced blankets and pottery, we want to stock Tibbleburrow with your handmade items for visitors to enjoy and purchase, with the majority of the sale going back to the artist. It may be a one-off piece or an ongoing order. It is up to you. There will be a selection process to ensure each handmade item fits the theme, meets requirements, and passes quality inspection.


As we grow and plans get finalized, a list of themes for each home and items needed will be posted, but anything you may think of that would fit into an actual home is fair game! The events will also need furnishing for weddings and parties.  
  So start drawing up ideas and plans and sending them our way.

    Another way you can get involved is by becoming part of our team. We are based in Southeast Wisconsin but as we have learned these past few years, talent is talent, and we can do so much from our own workspace. The team is constantly growing with hospitality professionals, marketers, lawyers, contractors, and many more. We are looking for the best professional geeks to be a part of this project; it's your opportunity to do what you do best while showing off your inner geek!


We want people with a passion for this project.
Let's all geek out together!

We are building our own Shire!!!!!!!

    Truly, the easiest thing you can do is spread the word and support this project by keeping it up front and talked about online. Following, sharing, liking, and being part of the conversation, I know it's been said thousands of times, but the more we share and like, the better the chance we will find the best people to be part of this dream project! 

Now get going, that could be YOU!!!

Your skills and donations are just as important to us. Whether it be in a physical form or an online presence who is pushing our content out to the public. We will be making a big deal about you, and your skills.

We are here to celebrate you too!

Join the conversation
We want your ideas! We can't wait to hear from you!

Submission guidelines are coming.

But we are interested now! Send your ideas right away.

Thanks for submitting!

Add in the notes if you want to be notified of specific needs we have.

Artists - If we have an idea for a sketch or watercolor? We will send out the herald.
Add your Instagram or Etsy so we can see your work. 
We would love to use actual artists vs other forms of imagery.

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