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Farmer Magote, the Ol Gapfer, and Hobb Cotton have gone off. They need house sitters.

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

The Tibbleburrow Shire Retreat experience is not your average BnB or even a nice hotel.

We have many chances to make each room its own unique theme and style. We may not go that big, at least not right away. If we, as planned, create 22 houses, the Pub, Party Tree events areas, the gardens, and paths, we have many unique design opportunities. For instance, “the ol’ Gaffer,” will have gardening tools and potted plants, seeds, and sunshine in his home, while the couple up on the hill may have an apiary, filling their home with flowers, honey, nectar, and of course bee-inspired decor.

Every home will be unique, not the same shape either. Since we are not restrained by right angles and are trying to work with nature, we can free the shape of the rooms. We can build the house in a spiral, like a snail shell or nautilus. Winding walls will guide you to the fireplace, and cupboards feel carved out of the dirt, covered in plaster and wood, with windows reaching out through the grasses and light brought in from the ceiling with skylights. So, each time you come to Tibbleburrow, your stay will be unique and ultimately refreshing.

There is plenty to do and explore outside while you're here, but inside you have a treat in each home. When walking in, you feel as if the residents of the house just left for a holiday, and while they are away, they let you stay in their home. Each room will be furnished with handcrafted items from our registered artisans and local communities. Many things will be for sale for you to take home with you as a reminder of your stay.

By purchasing any of the items, you will be directly supporting the artist who made it, as they will get the majority of the sale proceeds. So, we support the arts heavily in this way; we commission works and make them available for you. We believe in a continuous circle of encouragement, education, and creation for the arts; no factory can bring about the love of a well-made hot mug that molds to your hand as you walk through the local orchard. The tapestry on the wall commemorates the eleventy-first birthday party, hand-stitched by a relative of the creator himself. Carved utensils and bowls, and stained-glass window hangings depict dragon fire and gold.

You see, the possibilities at Tibbleburrow will carry farther than you think! Every step you take here is filled with love and acceptance and belief - belief in a better world and a better time, where we feel connected to others, and they will know us too. This is the hope for our future that we can all understand and connect to something again, even if it’s just ourselves!

We can plan out our town with the exact needs of a real town because well .... that's what we are looking to do!

Take a look at the theme ideas we have:

  • Pottery

  • Carpentry/Cooper

  • Gardner

  • Fishing

  • Farmer/crops

  • Farmer cows- Dairy/ Cheese,

  • Beekeeper

  • Seamstress

  • Baker

  • Orchard fruit

  • Spirits

  • Mushrooms

  • Sea

  • Wind

  • Fire

  • Sun

  • Trapper

  • Smoker/food/fish/cheese

  • Wagon

  • Painter

  • Apothecary

  • Cobbler/shoes

  • Stone Mason/Lannon Stone

  • Laid-back - serene

  • Rocker

  • Hammock

  • Country garden

  • Birds

  • Sheep

  • Blacksmith

  • Fourier/horses

  • Elves - Lorian/Rivendell/ Wood

  • Dwarfs

  • Man

  • Westerling’s

  • Water/Mill/Lake / Wells

  • Butcher

  • Architect

  • Miner

  • Toymaker

  • Cook

  • Wizard

  • Constable

  • Tobacco

  • Mayor - Thaine

  • Historian

  • Music

  • Boatbuilder

  • Sackville Baggins gossip

  • Romantic Bridal Suite

  • Family Suite

Add your thoughts to the list! Did we miss anything? What do you think would be in each house? What would it look like? Send us a message or a drawing. This is my favorite part! SO many ideas! I can't wait to see your thoughts.

We invite you to register for our email list at the bottom of each page on our Website.

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Consider becoming a Patron and get in on the special giveaways and official invitations. Memberships at $3, $10, $25, $100.

Ask questions, start conversations, and please don't be shy about sharing this with those you know will want to know that we are building Hobbiton.

Your excitement will be the key to this becoming real!

This will be a family-friendly destination, safe from the crowded floors of hotels, and much more affordable than taking a trip to the movie set tour.

Our goal is to make it more real than the movie set because, well, it will be!

Real time to spend in the gardens,

Real memories you give and receive,

Real homes to spend the precious night's sleep in.

If every Tolkien Fan Gave $10 towards this project,

we could fund, build, and staff it in record time.

What will you do to bring it to life?

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