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One Cart to carry them! -feature elaboration

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Every time I see this wagon, I see little Hobbitsies in it being pulled by a stout little pony.

The core of Tibbleburrow is to bring you to your own piece of the Shire. Peace from the crazy life we left behind for a time. That means we will not be on top of one another with thin walls between us. We spread out to give one another some space. So, we are going to have to travel a short distance to get to your dwelling. There will be handicapped-accessible homes, but for the most part, you're on your own to walk around. No cars and no bikes, so that is going to make it tough to get the kids and yourself to the house with luggage in tow. Well, how about some old-fashioned help from Bill the Pony? Your belongings go in the cart, and we follow Bill to your home. When he's not making short trips helping people out, he can have some fun with the kidlets, giving them rides around town. Ideas abound here, but this little cart is just darling, made smaller and painted with Rosemaling. It would be a gift to be able to bring this disappearing technique to the project.

I've had these two 2 screen grabs of this one “above,” but I'm thinking it was something along the lines of Little House on the Prairie or the Walton's. Let me know if you can identify the show.

This one might be a bit small, build for racing I believe, but pulling a cart behind? What do you think?

These two definitely give the right feel.

And yes, I know these are working donkeys. They would be a good fit as well. Personality is everything with our little friends.

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