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Newsletter Feb 2024

Hello, my fellow adventurers. 

It's time for an update, especially since things should be changing very soon. 

First, to the Early Birds, I want to thank you for jumping in on this journey so early in the process. You may not have known it, but many signed up within 2 weeks of the first website going live! You may not know that, you, in signing up, confirmed that I was on the right track, and this was a worthwhile cause. You are the reason this will happen.  So, a heartfelt THANK YOU from the depths of my Hobbit hole!   “ I'm literally building this in my under-ground work-room, My basement, LOL” 

This journey began as a way to escape the monotony of moving, “ this move sucked eggs ”.

It was a retreat into my imagination, and grew into a shared adventure that could very well change how we see our future. I know it sounds lofty, but in all honesty, it very well might. What started out as a little replica of Hobbiton has blossomed into a real community, with plans to bring the best parts of today's tech and blend them with the old-world charm of a fully sustainable lifestyle. Not mud huts and giving up hot water, but, imagine comfortable living with renewable, trackable energy consumption that cares for our planet. Those who just want to dreamily walk the paths in bare feet, can, but all have the opportunity to do more, and, it will be there if you are curious. 

I know updates have been scarce, and you may have even totally forgotten that this was happening. But fear not! It Is! There were 3 1/2 years of very boring research, legal conversations, and soul-searching that needed to happen. I wanted to tell you everything, celebrate tiny victories, and commiserate about the lows.  Believe me, the copyright saga was painfully long and boring!   That’s what happens when the largest intellectual property on the planet gets sold the day you need to ask them a simple question. A year later, the outcome caused a total revamp of everything. So, yet again, more boring stuff.  And Tibbleburrow was born. But “ inside info here… Shhhhhhh ” with the change of one sentence in our story, we can join Middle Earth. But shhhhhh don't tell anyone!!!

Let's be honest, it wasn't easy research. Balancing a full-time job, teenagers, sanity, and this passion project...well, let's just say vacations were nonexistent. But my dedication is unwavering! Until a team joins me, this is my sole quest, and I'm pouring my heart and soul into it. So I plug away. Sitting by my hubby, in front of the crackling fireplace of my TV,  planning and researching, laying brick by virtual brick. “ No… I have no real Fire. whimper ”

Brace yourselves, adventurers, because I'm stepping out of my comfort zone and cannonballing into the social media world! The third website revamp is complete, and all our social media platforms are ready to go. While my background may not scream "construction or hospitality manager," but I believe my dedication to excellence will translate well. This is a 90-degree turn from my experience,  for 24 years, I've navigated the worlds of photography/ photo restoration and bridal fashion as a sole proprietor, where meticulous attention to detail reigns supreme. Bringing Tibbleburrow to life required an eye for details, just like those intricate beading projects! That's why I've diligently laid the groundwork for Tibbleburrow, ensuring it's built on a solid foundation.

Our next goal is to open up the conversation! Up till now it has been ..   well ..  a bit lacking, shall we say. There is a reason: I am only one person with a lot on my many plates and didn’t want to begin our storytelling and fundraising before I was ready and could dedicate the needed time to it. I’m hoping to find an assistant to help from here on. Wink wink!  

 In order to move forward with this next chapter, we will need to begin our fundraising.  I currently receive zero $ for my efforts and dedicate my free time to Tibbleburrow while also working full time and training my successor for the bridal alterations business. I joke that if someone would hire me to work on this full time I would in a heartbeat. (Brides always come first, of course!). But, put it out there in the universe, ya know!  

To turn vision into reality, we also need your support. Even a small contribution helps us move forward. Whether you can financially donate, volunteer, or simply spread the word, your involvement makes a difference!

If you're curious about Tibbleburrow, or just enjoy a good conversation, join me on our social platforms.

We're actively seeking support in various areas, including:

  • Part-time personal assistant (5 hours/week): Help me stay organized and efficient! Paid position 

  • Advisors: Lend your expertise in Construction, Legal matters, Hospitality (B&Bs, restaurants), Social Media management, and Fundraising (crowdsourcing, sponsorships, grants, investors, Patreon).

You can hopefully see why this road has been so long and dull up to now and see where we are, and what we need to take the next step. I am so grateful to all of you who see this and support it. I hope to talk to each and everyone of you soon.  I will be setting up a FB live monthly QnA so you ask all the questions.  But you don't have to wait, ask away! I'll do my best to respond to every question.  

 Remember, Second Breakfast with Hobbits might be closer than you think   

 Hmm “Second Breakfast with the Hobbits” sounds like "Breakfast with Santa."

There might be something there!

Thank you, dear friends,

 Together, we can make Tibbleburrow a reality.



Mistress of Tibbleburrow

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I "had" (AKA "got") to go to New Zealand for work this past May so I added some vacation days onto the trip, flew my wife down, and we got to visit the Hobbiton movie set. It was amazing and made me all the more wish for what you're working to bring to life. It's a great wonderful dream, and I look so forward to it coming to life!!

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Contestando a

Hi, I watch all the travel videos from the Hobbiton set, and people really get caught up in that dreamy vibe, wishing they could be there. Every time I hear someone say, 'Gosh, I could just live here!', it really resonates with me. I want to give people a way to tap into that happy headspace, find joy, and remember what life's really about. Wow, that got deeper than I meant to, but hey, it's true! That's why this project is all about creating a space for pure, blissful happiness." Thanks for your note. ask away if you have any other Q's or Comments. 😉

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