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“WE CALL UPON YOU TO JOIN US!” “Pip get off that table!”

Updated: May 29, 2023

Tibbleburrow is a place for us to share our talents and skills to build this community up. During the journey, from concept to our harry feet in front of the fireplace, there will be countless opportunities for everyday people and professionals alike to share their desire and commitment for this project. Everything from social media moderators to the marketing managers, to the kid's drawing, what they want to see, to the master quilter making custom blankets. The people who send in a packet of seeds for the flower patch to the farmers who are there guiding the guest who want to help tend the gardens while they stay with us. If I were to list all the ways you could help, “and I might just start that ever-growing list”, you would see that there are going to be many ways you can get involved. Even from across the country, there are always things that could be done.

When we get to a certain stage we will have weekend workshops, that will have you able to come to visit the site before opening, seeing the progress. Helping, us assemble the hand-carved table and chairs, or sit and listen to some of our musicians while doing some basket weaving. This will be time to be part of the progress and to share your skills or try a new skill. Lots of pictures and stories to be sent out into the world, showing everyone what we have done this week.

I'm going to keep saying it. We want you involved! Sharing ideas and talking through roadblocks, finding ways to bring this beautiful collaboration to life.

A peaceful getaway that wants you to be part of the experience or lets you be as private as you want in your own Hobbit home. But in order to get there, we need to start by finding supporters and funding to let us build this the best way. The New Zealand movie set brought magic to our imaginations. Go here to our Patreon to become a member and get exclusive behind-the-scenes content and take part in special discussions, or make a straight one-time donation to our PayPal account. Proceeds will go back towards building a stronger foundation and keeping you informed of our progress.

We invite you to register for our email list at the bottom of each page on our Website.

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Consider becoming a Patron and get in on the special giveaways and official invitations. Memberships at $3, $10, $25, $100.

Ask questions, start conversations, and please don't be shy about sharing this with those you know will want to know that we are building Hobbiton.

Your excitement will be the key to this becoming real!

This will be a family-friendly destination, safe from the crowded floors of hotels, and much more affordable than taking a trip to the movie set tour.

Our goal is to make it more real than the movie set because, well, it will be!

Real time to spend in the gardens,

Real memories you give and receive,

Real homes to spend the precious night's sleep in.

If every Tolkien Fan Gave $10 towards this project,

we could fund, build, and staff it in record time.

What will you do to bring it to life?

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